Oracle Green – Proof that South Africa’s Youth have what it Takes.

Written by: Tom Sutcliffe

With South Africa’s unemployment rate sitting at over 27%, never has there been a more crucial time for local, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to step up. South Africa’s youth, in particular, are often posed with the daunting task of creating the change. Bulelani Njobe, 25, is this change.


As a resident of Langa, an informal settlement on the periphery of Cape Town’s bustling city-centre, Bulelani has been exposed to extreme hardship and inequality. In 2018, South Africa was understood to be the most unequal society in the world, again. Looking at the infographics below, it is clear to see that post-Apartheid South Africa is still unequal.



However, Bulelani did not conform to the norm. He did not allow his environment to swallow him. Unlike some of his peers, Bulelani was not led down troublesome paths, but rather stood up and proceeded to try and engineer necessary change. 

In 2015, Bulelani founded Oracle Green. Motivated by hard work and driven for success, Bulelani single-handedly tried to initiate change in Langa by simply cleaning bins. Soon he began to attract local attention, with his customer base swelling from 12 to 51 households in just under a year. A couple of blinks later, Oracle Green permanently employed six local, purpose-driven staff and had extended their offering to include roof cleaning, painting, and upholstery cleaning

Bulelani is a role model and a perfect fit for Outpost’s service directory – driven, skilful, but most importantly, local

Oracle Green is proof that South Africa’s youth do have the ability to inspire change, but just require the nurturing, assistance and exposure to do so. Together with Outpost, we can make this change a reality. 

Oracle Green’s Contact Details: 

Name: Bulelani Njobe 

Age: 25 

Services Provided: roof cleaning, painting, and upholstery cleaning 


Instagram: @OracleGreenSA 

Twitter: @OracleGreenSA1