About Outpost

Outpost is driven by a group of young entrepreneurs who met as postgraduates at the University of Cape Town.  With a mutual passion for social development and local entrepreneurship, we decided to pool our skills to do something that was purpose-driven and that would make a difference in uplifting our local environment.

Our experiences on the ground, in everyday life, in the townships, meeting brothers, meeting aunties, meeting Gogos, led us down a dusty, beaten-up path to a smiley, well-spoken individual.  This man perched on an empty crate and passionately chipped away at a stump of wood.  His energy was infectious and his talent undeniable.  This meeting sparked Outpost.

We saw that every community we visited was teeming with talented, highly skilled and motivated individuals.  But, frequently, all that was lacking was the ability for these entrepreneurs to have a voice in a crowded market where they desire so much attention.  Outpost gives them that voice.  It is an opportunity for them to gain exposure, connect with other entrepreneurs, and be a part of a larger, progressive initiative to reduce unemployment in South Africa. 

Outpost connects previously disadvantaged individuals and small businesses 

with the wider community who require their skills and services.

Outpost helps customers find the perfect service provider for their requirements, 

whether they’re looking for a plumber, domestic worker, electrician, chef or dog walker.

Outpost’s service providers are recommended by customers and are reviewed online
to ensure they continually meet a high standard.

Outpost service providers receive assistance and advice to maximise their business’s potential.

Recommend a service provider whose service would benefit from Outpost!

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